“We're wasting time counting calories instead of becoming the president.” — Cadence Dubus, founder, Brooklyn Strength

It’s not easy to take the shaming out of the fitness world, but Dubus, who has studied holistic health and nutrition for the past 17 years, is somewhat of an evangelist for the every girl. “The impetus is always to get skinny,” she says, alluding to trending barre regimes and group workout programs. “My focus is to get you strong.





Brooklyn Strength is located in a light filled intimate studio on the Columbia waterfront in Brooklyn Heights. After ten years in storefront locations we are excited to share our newest studio and the privacy and comfort it affords our clientele.

Private sessions and group classes are designed to connect you to your body and thus to yourself.

Monthly workshops deepen the links from body to mind and mind to body. 

You become strong because you stay consistent.

You stay consistent because you become part of a community.