Pasta Bread and C-C-C-Carbs : fear not all of Europe is not wrong

Guess what Oprah...I love bread. I LOVE BREAD TOO! I eat it all the time. Like regularly. You know why it's crazy that that's something to shout to the rooftops about?? Humans have been LOVING bread..and I mean loving it SO hard they pretty much got married to bread and had a million bread babies. (we totally did: they're named #allofthebaking) Bread has been sustaining human animals for a long time, perfectly well and not morbidly obese-ly. You know what does not sustain human animals? Hyper modified processed beyond recognition bread and bread like products. Real bread is given time to raise on it's own, ferments, essentially begins to digest itself. Real bread had a bakers hands touching it and eyes watching it. Real bread comes from real grain that a real person grew. Not modified grain on old depleted soil. Real bread connects you to the earth it came from, and the people who made it, or maybe you who made it, and sustains you in an old school way that means a happy tummy and consistent energy. Cheers to bread, I'm happy you're enjoying it @Oprah .

It's important to realize where our bread fears come from. They are unfounded. All of Europe is not wrong. They eat bread and carbohydrate rich food at nearly every meal. The difference? Values placed on food quality not mass productive quantity. Meals as moments to share with friends and family, not to be wolfed down during the commute or alone in front of a screen. Bread is not our enemy. Bread and its bready pals are our pals too. Loneliness, stress, overwork and ease of access are our enemies. Just because you can wander into nearly any grocery store and choose from hundreds of high processed snack foods...does not mean you should. If all the bread and pasta and crackers and cookies you ate were made by hand and sourced from grains grown nearby ...they'd be expensive ( which is good! that means everyone is getting paid fairly and you can't mindlessly eat $8 worth of cookies quite as easily as a sleeve of as that may be) and they'd be whole grain and prepared in ways that properly preps them to be digested by your human animal tummy...a very different environment than the florescent lit shelf of the local supermarket most mass produced products are designed for.

Oprah is right, as usual. Bread is amazing. I just wish she was shouting it to the rooftops in the sheer joy way we might sometimes shout I LOVE FRIDAY ! not to assure us that it's OK to take a bite of the forbidden crumb related food. Munch up Oprah, we can all eat our breads fear free, now, as always, just choose wisely.

Pictured loaf by Wide Awake Bakery in Ithaca NY