When you get fit you'll still have a muffin top.. #truth.

Important note: Question the words you use and what you are meaning by them. 

Toning. Slim. Thinner. Chubby. Fit. Strong. Flexible. Diet. Healthy. 

These are all dumb words that are very over used (I even use some) and whose meanings have become increasingly garbled. When I say I eat a 'Healthy' diet, what do you immediately assume? No carb? No Dairy? Paleo? Vegan? No Sugar? No Caffeine? Only Green juice? 1200 calories a day?

When you say you want to eat a healthy diet what do you mean? When you say you want to lose weight what are you actually picturing? 

Most of us when we say : lose weight - are actually picturing a more lean toned looking body. This body is athletic, supple and vigorous looking. aka J Lo at any age or Brad Pitt pre-divorce hollow face, for the dudes. Rarely would we say... yeah I'm thinking runway model with visible skeletal system that is 23 but appears to be 14 1/2... or hollow faced post divorce Brad Pitt for the boys.

We do seek health. We do aspire to a look of stable physical competence. This ideal seems to fit best with every day goals of looking good in our clothes, looking good naked and suggests we go jogging fairly regularly and are adept at at least one sport or physical pursuit be it Zumba, CrossFit or Aerial Yoga...

However, I'm here to tell you, J Lo and happy Brad don't get that way sitting at a desk 70 hours a week, working out 3 hours a week, drinking most nights and enjoying boozy Sunday brunches or Friday nights out (or both). Oh, and also they're celebrities so every time we see them they're prepped, and mostly photoshopped. 

See the below infographic and choose your ideal wisely. What is your current lifestyle and how much of it are you willing and actually able to change? Wanting to put in an hour plus of physical activity every day is great. But if you have a family and a 9-5 (or 9-6:30) as it often is.. finding the time to do that without cutting into family time, social time, hobby time, can be extremely difficult if not impossible. Choosing a body ideal that is essentially impossible for you to attain in any reasonable way, with any kind of quality of life available to you ie drinks with your pals once a week, pizza with your sweetheart, a late Sunday morning snoozing in bed, will be downright frustrating, and most likely lead to a halting of all positive efforts towards better health and wellness.

Reasonable fitness goals will give real returns and create consistent lifestyle changes that have positive affect that keep you sticking with them. You will look better in your clothes, you will look better naked ( also because you'll feel better in your body which is a HUGE part of that) you will become more adept at physical activity and have the strength and skill to pick up any sport you might want to start. Your efforts at eating better will cut your risk of disease and increase your energy, sleep quality and lengthen your life. 

Will you still have a muffin top? Yes. Will you still have a soft tummy or love handles? Most likely. Will your thighs jiggle? Yup. Will you have soft parts and pinchable bits? Yes and yes. Why? Because these things are not the same as being a completely out of shape junk food eating couch potato. Our bodies look like what we do with them. If you spend 8 hours a day downhill skiing.. you will look like a professional down hill skier. If you spend 30% of your day engaged in activity: bike commuting, spending an hour at the gym, taking your dog for a long walk and playing with your kids ( note I mean ALL of these things in one day..not one of these things) if you live an ACTIVE life.. your body will look like a person who has a full time desk job but also is very active. That's about as balances a body as we can hope for before seriously cutting into social and quality of life time. Note that all those things are nice things to do: grimacing with Gatorade dripping from your forehead not needed.