I eat like, food, like EVERY DAY.. i know crazy.

Guys!! Guys! Guess what?! I eat like a plate-full of food for breakfast every day! Every day! Isn't that amazing??! I feel like I should shout it out like @Oprah did about bread for weight watchers! (remember when that wise powerful business woman and philanthropist accidentally revealed how bananas we've become about food in this culture by revealing the 'amazing' truth to the world that it's OK to eat bread!... One of the building blocks of modern humanitys' survival?? Remember that guys??)

I could be like: hey guys! You can totally eat food AND be a healthy weight for your body! It's true! I eat food every day! 😃👍 but guys.... Seriously.. It is true. Consistency is what makes positive changes and keeps them. I eat good-for-my-body food 80% of the time and spent time learning my rhythms and what works for me. A solid protein packed #breakfast works for me. Maybe something else works for you. But no food doesn't work for anyone...90% of my clients who want to stop the awful cycle of weight loss/gain/repeat ... Are NOT eating enough. You heard me. NOT ENOUGH FOOD. To lose weight they needed to eat more and eat regularly. Your body is a beautiful living machine. It needs beautiful fuel. Treat it with care and it will look like you treat it with care.