Self-Care and the difference between an Instructor and a Teacher.

I recently realized you don't need to be a princess from the 16th century to have private ballet lessons .. You can have them becacuse you are running 2 small businesses and teach when all the things you want to do are happening AND ( and perhaps most importantly) because it makes you happy. I'm 100% grateful to the dance gods that Ernesta Corvino answered my email (among the bunch I sent out to various people). She's a legend; Ballet Mistress to among others, the Pina Bausch company. I've never experienced such quality training in my life and I've been student to a few legends so I want to say two things:

1. self-care is not just bubble baths and drinks with friends. Those are real, and important, but self care is also doing something challenging, scary, pushing yourself, asking yourself to go to a new deeper place. I asked the universe for a teacher, I also asked myself to grow. I'm learning from the ground up like a 5 year old, practicing my arm placement, relaxing my toes (squishing them into new slippers needing the elastic sewn in! Something I haven't done in years!). which brings me to

2. Manuel and I recently talked about the difference between a teacher and an instructor. At our studio, Manuel pointed out, we have teachers. We ask our clients to think and learn, not shut off their brains while someone recites the days exercises. There's an enormous difference. It's what we believe in and what drives us forward. It's also simply what we value experiencing in the world. As I learn to connect the rotation of my hip to the flex of my ankle, from someone who is inspired by information not recitation, by a teacher who connects with me and draws me to connect with her, I'm re-inspired that movement and teaching, knowledge of ourselves and connection to others, is an incredibly powerful place. It's where we become the next evolution of ourselves, its where we dive deep to emerge in the light. That's the most we can ask of any experience and no better outcome from self-care time (not just for trashy movie nights).

Also.. Ernesta is 62 and ROCKS a half top, which gives me deep strength in a way I can't even fully comprehend yet ✊🌠💘