Cadence, the owner, listened to me and paired me up with a trainer, whose ability to communicate honestly with humor and humility won me over and I began a sometimes three times-weekly routine. I have worked with four of their trainers now. One year later I am in the best shape of my life.
I wasn’t in touch with my body, I didn’t feel connected to it,” Lee says. “Pilates just made me feel more present. Feeling like you’re in control of your body is hugely liberating for plus-size women.
I absolutely adore Brooklyn strength and all of their trainers. I’ve been working with the owner Cadence for over a year now and my life has entirely changed. I have lost tons of weight gained tons of muscle and most importantly feel great. Cadence is SO educated about health fitness and just overall wellbeing. The studio is relaxed, clean and perfect for someone like me who doesn’t want to see 100 other people at a crowded loud gym. Every workout I’m told to do Cadence has done herself she explains everything thoroughly and gives great advice. She has worked with my specific needs and has tailored every work out to me, this place is an absolute treasure and I wouldn’t trade it for any other gym. It is such a friendly atmosphere without the scary demanding gym vibe. I have 3 sessions a week with Cadence and always look forward to them not only for the work out or her fitness expertise but her all around personality is wonderful to be around. Do yourself a favor and get on over to Brooklyn strength you won’t regret it.
My name is Alex, and I used to be a gym junkie.

I admit it. I was in the gym every morning for 1hr, usually at 6am before work and I used to do endless cardio, weight training and resistance. I even worked with a personal trainer, although I quit doing that because I didn’t feel like my trainer really even cared about my fitness as much as their own! It was a ‘well known’ gym which I will not name and I felt like every other athletic clone there, without a name.

Fast forward to my discovery of Brooklyn Strength. My first introduction to Cadence, the owner and I thought “she knows what she is talking about” In my very first lesson, she taught me more about the body than I learned in high-school biology. She helped me understand why my long and repetitive workouts were harming me more than getting me in shape. One side of my body is stronger than the other (which is true for many of us) and our one-on-one pilates sessions have helped correct that. After my first session there was a visible improvement in my step - re-balanced and better posture. At my second session, Cadence whipped out a Flip camera so that she could document my progress and show me the changes and improvements I achieve over time. I love this personal touch.

I get more out of one hour of concentrated personal training and pilates at Brooklyn Strength than I would out of several days of sweating at a regular gym.

And, did I mention all of the staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgable? They carry some great eco-athletic products such as recycled yoga mats, stylish workout clothes and my favorite organic holistic skincare line Dr. Alkaitis which I cannot find anywhere else in Brooklyn! Everything in the gym - from the floors to the hot towels and hangers they use are recycled and sustainable. They host really great events as well that offer new services if you want to try them out...that’s how I became addicted :)
I just took my third class at the Pacific St location and though it was a summer weekend when everyone else in Brooklyn decided to bail on class, the owner Cadence just gave me a personalized full-body workout. Not only is she super thorough and detailed but her descriptions of each exercise are articulate and super helpful. I’ve been going via classpass but am thinking of joining there as a monthly based on today’s awesome experience! Thanks again Cadence!

more coming soon...